Welcome to the Summer City Turku! International student Anna Ryzhova from Turku University gives her best tips for spending time on a student budget in Turku's summer.


  • Anna Ryzhova comes from Russia. She has been studying in Turku since 2020.
  • Anna is doing a Master's Degree in Futures Studies in the University of Turku.
  • Previously she has studied in a few other Finnish cities as well but thinks that Turku is the best city for students.

For many people, summer is the favourite season of the year. Turku is a lovely city all year round, but it has a special charm during summer. The riverbank of Aura is filled with happy people having picnics with friends and enjoying the sunshine.

Turku offers a great variety of possibilities to spend free time on a student budget also during the summer. Summer is a great time to be outdoors, visit different parks and nature reserves as well as explore local beaches. Below is a summary of my favourite summer places in Turku.


One of the best summer destinations for me is Ruissalo island. The way to get there is already an adventure itself. During summertime, the best option is to go by Föli water bus. It costs the same as the normal bus - only 1.70 € for students. On the island, you can enjoy a big beach and drink coffee in a nice outdoor summer café. To explore the island’s nature, it is a good idea to ride a bike. Tip: you can take your bike with you to the Föli water bus for free.

Photo by Anna Ryzhova


Naantali is a historical town located near Turku. It takes only about 30 minutes by city bus to get to Naantali. You can find there many cute old wooden houses. Moreover, Naantali is the official hometown of Moominworld, which has a famous Moomin house with Moomins. It is a magical experience and an opportunity to plunge into a fairy tale. 

Less than 1 km away from Naantali main bus stop, you can find Kuparivuori with really lovely sea views to take great pictures.

Photo by Anna Ryzhova


If you live in the student village, Kuuvuori is a nice place to spend your evenings and watch the sunset as it located right near the student village. It is also a good viewpoint and a possible spot for a picnic.

          Photo by Anna Ryzhova


Kupittaanpuisto is the largest and the oldest urban park in Finland. In Kupittaa park you can meet many different animals and birds. It is a good destination for swimming as it has an outdoor swimming arena and a sports hall. The entry fee to the swimming arena is only 3.50 € for students. It has few pools and a large slide.

Photo by Anna Ryzhova


Katariinanlaakso is a huge nature park. There are rocky forests, pine forests and dry meadows. If you like squirrels, this place is a must-visit, as you can meet many of them there. Remember to take a proper feed with you if you want to treat squirrels.

Photo by Anna Ryzhova

Ispoisten uimaranta

One more place to go swimming is Ispoinen beach. It is a big and nice beach about 5 km from the city centre. There is a sauna on the beach, so it is also a popular place for ice swimming during winter.

Photo by Anna Ryzhova