From Monday 16 August vaccinations will be provided at Satakunnantie 105 (premises of the former Finnish Red Cross Kontti). The vaccination site changes because Turku Fair Center Oy has other uses for the Fair Center facilities.


  • Only come if you do not have symptoms of coronavirus
  • Keep a safe distance to others and maintain good hand hygiene
  • Wear a mask
  • Arrive as punctually as possible (you can access indoors exactly 15 minutes before your vaccination appointment)
  • Bring your Kela card
  • Wear a shirt that is easy to take off
  • After the vaccination, you should be prepared to wait at the vaccination site for about 15 minutes


The coronavirus vaccination reception will move from the Fair Center to Satakunnantie 105 (formerly Kontti secondhand store) and will operate on new premises starting on Monday 8 August. The vaccination site changes because Turku Fair Center Oy needs its facilities for other uses.
On the new site, the waiting areas for vaccination reception are smaller than in the Fair Center, and there may therefore be congestion in the waiting areas. We therefore wish that you arrive as close to the appointed time as possible.   
The portable toilets of the new vaccination reception facilities are in the vicinity of the exit. You can wash your hands with antiseptic foam in the portable toilets.

Arrive to the vaccination appointment easily by bus

It is easy to arrive at the vaccination reception by bus. The buses that stop nearby are 2, 2A, 2B, 2C, 6, 7, 60, 88, 206, 300, 301, 302 and 303. See Föli's website for more detailed directions
Additional information:
There is a limited number of parking spots that are free of charge in the front yard of the vaccination reception. There is no parking space in the yards of nearby properties.

A fitness centre and a Kontti secondhand store have previously operated on the Satakunnantie 105 premises.