A HUPMOBILE minipilot study measuring and analyzing through traffic in the centre of Turku is running 16.8.-7.9.2021.

The measurement points

  • Tuomiokirkkosilta
  • Aninkaistensilta
  • Ratapihankatu
  • Itäinen Rantakatu
  • Uudenmaankatu
  • Hämeenkatu
  • Uudenmaantie
  • Hämeen valtatie
  • Helsingin valtatie
  • Littoistentie
  • Naantalintie
  • Satakunnantie
  • Kuninkojantie
  • Tampereen valtatie

The minipilot study will reveal how much through traffic exists as an input to assist further planning to move this traffic outside from the city centre. This will be achieved via traffic flow analysis with registration plate identification technology applied indicating the number of vehicles, vehicle type, the volume of through traffic between each measuring point and the share of total traffic, hourly distribution of the through traffic and the registration address of the vehicle. The study is conducted together with Nodeon.

Diverting through traffic to other routes could significantly calm down traffic in the city centre. In the city centre vision process, the idea of private car traffic restriction on the central bridge (Tuomiokirkkosilta) was proposed to enlarge pedestrian-friendly urban space and make the city centre more attractive and safe with less noise and emissions.

After the measurement period the collected data will be analyzed and reported. The results from the minipilot are expected to, for example, support decision-making and promote sustainable modes of transport.