During the sign-up phase of Beyond 2030 Challenge, the competition's sponsors will write articles of their company's sustainable development goals and procedures. The solutions, ideas and innovations presented in the articles will work as inspiration for the students of upper secondary education that are eligible to apply to the competition. From these articles, the students can learn from professionals, which type of procedures and actions are implemented in companies of different sectors to carry out sustainable development.

CADMATIC is a Finnish software company working in global market. Our technologies are in use in over 60 countries and our customers use them to innovate a novel world for us all.

With CADMATIC software our customers plan, build and create, for example unique ships, production facilities, renewable energy solutions and facilities for pharmaceutical industry. Our first codes were created for our own needs in the beginning of the 1980s. The developed codes sparked a lot of international interest and nowadays there are already 250 Cadmaticans around the world.

Why are we part of Beyond 2030 Challange?

We are excited to participate in Beyond 2030 Challenge science and technology competition because we want to do our share in changing the world as well as pave the way for the future. Already from the beginning  we have understood, that innovations are born from collaboration, and this is what Beyond 2030 Challenge is at its best. It means a lot for us to be involved in generating new ideas and being a part of building a better future together with the participants and mentors! Let’s demonstrate together the  hidden potential we’ve got! #succeedingtogether

Which type of innovations we already have?

As a software company we are continuously developing better solutions and helping our customers in marine, process & industry, and construction. Innovations are inherently embedded in our work, and this is also reflected on our business.

With our technology it is possible to design an digital twin of an underground wastewater treatment plant and ensure that the tiniest and the most sophisticated details of the blueprint fall into place. After the construction phase, the digital twin continues to assist in maintaining and optimizing its operations.

Our software uses augmented reality so we bring a virtual dimension to the work of engineers designing  ships, electricals and industrial plants. Augmented reality can be utilized, for example, when our customers wishes to build a modern pharmaceutical factory inside an already existing plant. With augmented reality and 3D glasses the designer can see how the new design and the existing plant come together.

Our technology utilizes also laser scan technology that is used to create point clouds alongside 3D models of various objects. Laser scan technology makes designing easier and allows it to be independent of time and place. With our solutions our customers can then combine enormous amounts of information and data of their projects into one window and ensure that the projects are proceeding accordingly and as planned.

What does the future look like?

Technology is progressing fast, and in the future, it is possible to design equipment, productions plants and unmanned vessels using our software with augmented reality, cloud technology, machine learning and AI. Machines and production lines can be simulated and optimized in digital environment and managed with a remote access control. Imagine, what else all this could mean regarding, for instance, our job descriptions, free time, and quality of life!

CADMATIC is committed to create a future where people can focus on innovative and creative side of work, and automation takes care of the dull routines that come with it. When everything no longer depends on time and place, this will generate totally new dimensions to everybody’s work. We can create an unforeseen level of flexibility and this will for sure improve peoples’ quality of life. With which type of innovation can you help us reach this goal?