In Turku, the fourth vaccinations are gradually expanded to cover groups recommended by THL. (Updated 29.12.2022.)


From 2nd January 2023 vaccinations for Turku residents older than 12 years of age are starting at local health stations.


Through the City of Turku COVID-19 vaccination helpline
tel. +358 2 266 0159
open Mon-Fri between 8 am and 2 pm


If you cannot make it to your appointment and it must be cancelled, there are two ways to do so:

Through eTerveyspalvelut no later than 24 hours before the appointment. Cancellation of the appointment is below the appointment.

After cancelling the appointment, you can book a new appointment online through eTerveyspalvelut or through the City of Turku COVID-19 vaccination helpline.

More information:

  • the City of Turku COVID-19 vaccination helpline tel. 02 266 0159 (open Mon-Fri between 8 am and 2 pm)
  • Coronavirus helpline, tel 02 266 2714 (Helpline serves from Mon to Thu 8:00–15:00 and Fri 8:00–13:00)
  • The Health centres of Turku City joint number 02 266 1130.
  • The child health centre helpline 02 266 2223.

At this moment fourth coronavirus vaccinations are given for the following groups in Turku

  • for medical risk groups of everyone aged 18
  • for those over 60 years old

According to the new guidelines issued by THL (9 August 2022), having had the disease still replaces one dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

The 4th vaccine dose may also be administered for travel or other necessary reasons (there may be a variety of reasons), even if a person is not in the group who are recommended the 4th vaccination.

As the influenza vaccinations start in October and November, the number of previous vaccines will no longer be counted. Instead, everyone aged over 65, people in medical risk groups aged over 18, and people with severe immune deficiencies aged over 12 are recommended to get the coronavirus vaccine together with the influenza vaccine. A booster can be administered if 3 months have passed since the previous vaccination.

Vaccination sites

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