In accordance with THL guidelines (7 October 2021), Turku will only offer the Biontech-Pfizer's Comirnaty coronavirus vaccine to men and boys under 30 years of age. The THL recommendation on the age limit for the Spikevax vaccine is a precautionary measure and will be reviewed as the results of a Nordic follow-up study become more accurate.

According to the Nordic follow-up study, more myocardial infections occur in men who have received the Moderna's Spikevax vaccine than in those who have received the Biontech-Pfizer's Comirnaty vaccine, and the risk of myocardial infections after vaccination is higher for men than for women.

The highest number of myocardial infections after vaccination has been observed in young men within two weeks of receiving the second mRNA vaccine dose. The risk for women and older men is significantly lower for both mRNA vaccines.

According to the THL recommendation, the Spikevax vaccine can be offered to everyone aged 30 or over and to women under 30 years of age. The Comirnaty vaccine can be offered to all age groups to be vaccinated just like before.

ll those aged 12 or over can receive coronavirus vaccination in Finland.
If a man under 30 years of age has received a Moderna Spikevax vaccine as their first coronavirus vaccine dose, a Biontech-Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine will be offered as the second dose.