CampusSport’s Just for fun shifts focus on having fun and enjoying exercise in good company. There will be no competing or comparing. Welcome aboard!

Exercise can be fun - especially if you participate in CampusSport's Just for fun shift. The shift is hosted by the sport tutors of CampusSport and all the students and staff members of the universities in Turku are welcome to join the shift for free. The goal is to enjoy exercising in good company and focus on having fun without competing or comparing.

- The participants get to choose what they want to do. So far we have played different games like badminton and tag, says Reetta Ihalin, a sports tutor at CampusSport.

Everyone is welcome - free of charge

Students can participate in Just for fun shift on a regular or occasional basis. Pre-registration is not required. You don't even have to pay CampusSport's sports fee to participate.

- You do not need to have previous experience in exercising. Everything is done in a way that suits your own skill and fitness level. The most important thing is to have fun and feel good about yourself, Ihalin describes.

You might get new friends, too

Just for fun shift takes place in Iskeri sports hall (Rehtorinpellonkatu 4) every Wednesday from 4 pm to 4.50 pm (until 15 December 2021). If you're not familiar with Iskeri, you can meet the sport tutors in front of the entrance at 3.50 pm.

- I would like to encourage everyone interested in the shifts to join in. If you feel nervous about going alone, remember that the tutors are there just for you. In the best scenario you'll get new friends too, Ihalin encourages.