Turku Mayor Minna Arve is taking part in the COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in the UK from 10 - 11 November 2021. Arve is delivering her climate message and speaking on climate action taken by Turku at two different events.

Mayor Minna Arve's speeches at the Glasgow climate change conference:

Thursday, 11 November 2021 
Marrakesh Partnership Cities, Regions and Built Environment Action Event - Panel discussion 1: Creating a fairer future: Cities and regions enable the just transition to 1.5-degree living 

Thursday, 11 November 2021
International Mayors Panel Discussion at COP26 - From Industrial Cities to Green Urban


UN Climate Change Conference website

UK COP26 website

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) is bringing together decision-makers from around the world to spur the countries to take ambitious action on the climate. The meeting is the first since the period of the Paris Climate Accords began in 2020.

In addition to Mayor Arve, another Finnish Mayor, Pekka Timonen of Lahti, will also attend the conference.

Mayor Arve is a Vice President of the worldwide ICLEI organisation. ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability – is a worldwide network of cities promoting sustainable urban development.

Circular economy and natural diversity – the themes of the Mayor's speeches

Arve will speak in Glasgow on 11 November at the UN High Ambition event and later the same day at the climate meeting for cities.

- At the climate conference I will focus on issues of circular economy and the protection of natural diversity, and how promoting these goals are key to successful climate action by cities. I hope that as a result of the meeting, countries might be more ambitious in their work on the climate and that they would reinforce the partnership between cities and civil society”, Mayor Minna Arve says.

The themes of Arve's speeches are circular economy and work on Turku's circular economy road map. The speech also describes the ongoing 1.5 degree life campaign, and ”Three generations”, the winning entry in a video competition for young people organised by the City of Turku, will be shown. The video was produced by Leo Brinkmann and Aliina Vegar.

Goal: carbon neutrality in 2029

Turku has set a long-term goal to help slow climate change and has already reduced its emissions to half of the 1990 level. In addition, the city is a strong supporter of a transition to a sustainable 1.5 degrees life, taking into account the goals of the Paris Climate Accords.

Turku aims at carbon neutrality in 2029, the year when the city celebrates its 800th anniversary. Turku also encourages its residents and companies to make climate-friendly choices.

According to the Mayor's programme, which has been approved by all parties in the Turku City Council, Turku's goals linked with the climate goals in the 2021 - 2025 City Council term include

  • Strengthening natural diversity and nearby nature, for example, the establishment of new nature protection areas in the Mälikkälä-Kuninkoja area.
  • Paying heed to climate goals in decisions on land use, energy, construction, and outdoor recreation
  • Encouraging businesses and residents to seek environmentally friendly solutions
  • Promoting a transition to circular economy together with other actors.

The city of Turku was named Europe's best mid-sized climate city in 2020. This year Turku, Lahti, and Tampere have supported each other by peer-reviewing climate management. The results for Turku will be made available for use in the city's climate plan update which will be completed in the spring.