The City of Turku is inviting residents and various stakeholders to participate in drafting the city’s common Cultural Promise. The outcome of the work on the Cultural Promise will be a shared strategic and visionary outlook for science, culture, and cultural well-being extending to 2029. The Cultural Promise is to be drafted through extensive cooperation, and the aim is for it to be completed by the end of the year.

Take part in the Cultural Promise 2029 effort!

The Kerrokantasi survey (hearing available in English, open 10 November–6 December)

Open Cultural Promise events at the Turku City Theatre (Itäinen Rantakatu 14)

  • Wednesday 24 November 14:00–17:00 (The registration for this event has ended.)
  • Wednesday 1 December 14:00–17:00, Please note! Participation possible only online, (The registration for this event has ended.)

“Art, culture, and cultural well-being are included in the city's strategy and its programmes, which are currently being updated. The Mayor's Policy Programme includes a key project for culture, in which the Cultural Promise forms the foundation. The Cultural Promise is shared by the whole city, so we are inviting all to take part in the planning and brainstorming!” says Minna Sartes, Recreation Director.

All are warmly welcome to work on the Cultural Promise, from city residents, municipal employees, and city actors to art professionals, associations, and other free field actors. The City of Turku is supported in this work by KPMG and Ramboil. 

The participatory process and the result of the Cultural Promise will be interpreted by Turku artists, animation artist and illustrator Sade Lahti, and literary artist Veera Vähämaa, the winner of this year's Aboa Prize. Lahti visualises the work on the Cultural Promise and its final project as a cartoon diary, with pictures produced using different styles and techniques. Vähämaa is compiling a communal work, a text collage, using the ear poem method. The word artist is producing a poetic text from words spoken at participatory Cultural Promise events, modified so that individual speakers cannot be identified.

Two open Cultural Promise events coming, 
opinions also collected in the Kerrokantasi service

Recreation services will organise two events open to all at the Turku City Theatre on 24 November and 1 December 14:00–17:00. Participation in the latter event is possible only online. Advance notification is required.  

You can also give your own opinions, ideas, and comments on the Cultural Promise on the Kerrokantasi service from 10 November–6 December 2021. In the survey, it is possible to give answers to questions about how culture can amaze, what would be good places to experience and produce culture, and how the actors, makers, and residents can work together to promote culture and art in Turku. Free-form responses are also welcome. 

In addition, the invited stakeholders have four separate Cultural Promise events in November and December.