The City of Turku reminds residents to use masks indoors and outdoors. Masks are required in connection with municipal services and mandatory use of masks is being introduced on public transport owing to the worsening of the coronavirus situation.

Coronavirus is now spreading throughout the city and in all age groups. Young adults have also been hospitalised. Most of those who have been hospitalised and those in intensive care are unvaccinated. The current epidemic situation makes it very important to get vaccinated.  

The mask requirement takes effect on Föli buses as of Friday, 26 November. Masks are not required for those under the age of 12 or for those who have a health-related reason not to use one. Employees in municipal services use masks and customers are required to do so as well. The services are operating normally.  
Expanding the use of the COVID-19 passport in other municipal services will also be considered if the situation does not improve.  

“The use of the COVID-19 passport can be expanded to the city's recreational services if the coronavirus situation continues to deteriorate”, says Turku Chief Physician for Infectious Diseases Jutta Peltoniemi,   

 In schools, masks are in use from the fourth grade upward. Day care centres, schools, and educational institutions will continue to operate normally with contact teaching.  

Indoor celebrations planned for the remainder of the year, such as Independence Day observances, will be held as COVID-19 passport events. Under current plans, the Declaration of Christmas Peace will also be held. Arrangements for the event will be announced later. 
The meeting of the City Board on 29 November will be held with members present wearing masks. Meetings of municipal bodies can be arranged remotely or with members present using masks, according to how the chair decides.    

City employees will use masks at their workplaces. Those doing office work and other tasks in which remote work is feasible will move to remote work with only the most essential meetings and gatherings held as in-person events with participants wearing masks.  
Those Turku city employees who do not have the coverage of two vaccinations are also advised to work remotely from home.  
“The aim is now to bring the weakened coronavirus situation under control through actions affecting City employees as well as residents”, says Jutta Peltoniemi, Chief Physician for Infectious Diseases for the City of Turku.