In December 2022, the City of Turku is helping the City of Kharkiv and its residents by organising a collection for electricity and heating equipment. Anyone can help Ukraine and Ukrainians also by donating money through international aid organisations. Updated November 22nd.

You can read more about the Kharkiv collection for electricity and heating equipment here:
Turku plans to send aid to Kharkiv, Ukraine, by Christmas – Urgently needed heating equipment requested as donations

To donate money to help Ukraine and Ukrainians, you can visit e.g. these websites:

The City of Turku has helped the war affected Ukrainians with 150,000 euros through the Finnish Red Cross. The state of war, the shocking news and messages about the events in Ukraine are distressing people of all ages.

The city has received a lot of questions from concerned citizens who would like to help and support Ukrainians in various ways. We collected answers from city experts to frequently asked questions.

The website of the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) provides a wide range of instructions and guidance on the actions that should be taken when entering a foreign country. Information is available in both Finnish and English. The website also specifically provides guidance on the situation in Ukraine, including information on asylum, residence permits, grants, donations and aid. 

How can individual citizens and businesses help Ukraine and Ukrainians? 

The Finnish Red Cross, Finn Church Aid, and UNICEF are well-known and trustworthy organisations through which help can be offered to a country at war. Primarily we hope to get help in the form of money, because financial aid can be efficiently channelled to people or for the purchase of necessary supplies. Some organisations have set up collection box campaigns, and you can donate your time for collecting from others. You can sign up on their volunteer registers to be available for future needs. The city does not provide reimbursement for volunteer work by individuals.  

At the moment we are not collecting goods or clothing You can donate goods through normal channels, for example through the Finnish Red Cross’s ’Kontti’ second hand stores. Kontti stores provide goods to people in need via the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri).

At the request of the Finnish Immigration Service, the Finnish Red Cross has set up a national information center for people and groups that provide aid.  It gathers information on the available assistance and forwards it to coordinate the assistance. The Finnish Red Cross primarily collects information on assistance for immigrants, such as accommodation, donations and services. However, other forms of help in assisting those affected by the crisis in Ukraine can also be submitted via the form on the website. Individuals, communities, organizations, companies and others may submit notifications through this page.

If you are interested in hiring Ukrainian workforce, please contact Public Employment and Business Services (TE-toimisto) by email:

Material Aid Station is no longer operating in Turku. Raisio's Assistance Center continues to distribute material aid. Donations can also be taken to them.

Raisio's Assistance Center, Raisiontori 6
Mon - Tue 10 am - 3 pm
Wed closed
Thu - Fri 10 am - 3 pm
Sat 12 noon - 3 pm
Contact person: Maarit Kokkonen,, tel. 040 482 4657

If I arrange transport and bring Ukrainians to Finland, what should I do?

Numerous actors and individuals have said that they have been collecting people who have fled Ukraine to Finland due to the Russian invasion. The Immigration Agency Migri requests that they be informed about the Ukrainians arriving by voluntary transportation.

Finnish Immigration Service Migri informs 3.3.2022: Notifications of arrivals from Ukraine to the Immigration office in advance 

Who will take care of housing for Ukrainians coming to Turku? 

The city is prepared to provide emergency accommodation for those staying in the municipality who do not have accommodation in Turku. Emergency accommodation is provided regardless of a person's residence status. It does not matter whether the entrant formally applies for temporary protection or asylum or not.

The Finnish Immigration Service Migri is responsible for accommodating applicants for official tem-porary protection or asylum. The Turku reception center is one of the accommodation options offered by Migri. If a newcomer applies for temporary protection or asylum in Finland, the registration takes place through the police authority.

How is the City of Turku preparing to help people who come here to escape the war? 

Contingency plans and preparations are made at various services in the city. The city of Turku arranges accommodation for refugees in cooperation with SPR. If necessary, emergency accommodation and other acute social and health services are provided for them. If needed, a new emergency accommodation can also be established.

Where can I get support if I am distressed by the war in Ukraine and need support? 

Where can I find information about city services for Ukrainian refugees? 

The website of the City of Turku provides up-to-date information in Finnish and English, and the site can be translated to Ukrainian and other languages with Google Translator.

Day care and School

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