The City of Turku joins the new European cultural network, Network of the Houses and Museums of European Musicians. A network focusing on music will be set up in Bougival, France, on Sunday, April 3, 2022. Turku will be represented at the founding ceremony by Mayor Minna Arve and Joanna Kurth, Project Manager at the Museum of History and the Future. The Sibelius Museum in Turku also joins the network, represented at the founding ceremony by Cultural Manager Johannes Juva.

In the establishment phase the network shall be joined by forty cultural institutions, museums and other partners from twenty different European nations. EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and Sneska Quaedvlieg Mihailovic, Secretary General of Europa Nostra, will attend the signing ceremony. Turku hosted the Europa Nostra conference in 2017. In addition to Turku, the other cities participating in the new network are Mafra, Granada, Stockholm, Catania, Bonn, Baden-Baden, Leipzig and Delphi.

The aim of the network is to expand cooperation in the field of culture, especially music, both in Europe and beyond. The focus is, among other things, on improving the work and mobility of young musicians and music researchers, on developing new forms of cooperation, and on promoting the common cultural heritage of Europe.

– Turku has both a long tradition and future goals as a European city of culture. Through culture and music, we are part of a wider European cultural identity and unity. Through this pan-European network we will strengthen cultural cooperation at the levels of Turku, Finland and Europe. The Museum of History and Future, which will be built in Turku, is also a part of this European continuum, says Minna Arve, Mayor of Turku.

The initiative to set up the network was taken by Jorge Chaminé, president and founder of the French Center Européen de Musique.

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