The development of the Old Town twitched forward as the city government decided in November 2021 on the objectives of the strategic land use project in the area and the measures to be promoted. The main goal is to make Turku Old Town an internationally and locally well-known, interesting coherent entity.

Development work has been done by listening to the townspeople. They have hoped it would be easier to get around the area by bike and on foot. More attention will be paid to this in the future.

- You can also walk along the riverside on the way between Agricolankatu and Jokikatu, if the planned riverside route is realized. Hopefully next year.  Green areas are also an important part of the cozy atmosphere of the Old Town.  Some of them need to be to be improved to be attractive, says Tuija Alihaanperä, project manager at the Old Town.  

The aim is to open the building stock and public spaces in the area to premises that actively serve visitors. This is the case, for example with Taiteen talo. In addition, a new hotel could be used as an attraction for the Old Town concept.


New events

Turku Cathedral.

The development of the area is carried out in cooperation with different actors and considering different user groups. In May, the Old Great Square is scheduled to host a Children’s Great Square. The children then get to plan what they would like to see and experience in the area.  

– In Children`s Great Square- event, there are orienteering control points, and the themes are drawn from the history of the area. The points are used to search for ideas on how to bring history to the attention of children, says Kati Leskinen, Executive Director of the Turku Society, which is responsible for the ideation and organization of the event.   

The Turku Cathedral Parish, together with Turkuseura, has come up with an idea for the Old Town`s own holiday. For many years, the church´s janitors have been celebrating the Cathedral´s birthdays on June 17.6. with coffee and cake, and since 2019, the congregation also began to celebrate the day prominently.  

– The purpose is to shape the entire Old Town Festival from the birthday of the Cathedral – after all, the Cathedral is centrally located both in the city center and in the hearts of the people in Turku. Cooperation with Turkuseura is natural because of the club´s know-how and enthusiasm.  Other actors in the area are also warmly welcome to come up with ideas on how to celebrate the Old Town, says Eeva-Kaisa Ahlamo, a spokeswoman for the Turku Cathedral Parish.