Taiteen talo invites everyone to celebrate its opening on May 14th from 10 am onwards. The day is filled with art, and it includes a rich cultural offer and the Vallaton KUMOUS art festival of the Taidekahvit cooperation network. In addition, the program includes guided tours of the house.

Taiteen talo has found its home in the old Rettig property on Nunnankatu 4. The City of Turku bought the property to secure and improve the operating conditions for the arts and creative industries. At the same time the opportunities offered by the house to support the well-being of Turku residents and the vitality of the area were seen as equally important.   
- The opening day of Taiteen talo is a real holiday for artists and cultural communities, but also for all Turku residents and visitors to our city. As it develops, Taiteen talo brings a whole new kind of activity and longed-for extra life to the surroundings of the Old Great Square. Taiteen talo, which will become as open as possible, offers us all inspiring opportunities to experience, do art and engage in dialogue with Taiteen talo operators, says Mayor Minna Arve.  

Here it begins!  

On the opening day, May 14, the doors of the Taiteen talo main building will be opened to public at 10 am, when the days event Vallaton, organized by the Taidekahvit Cooperation Network of Turku`s art and culture actors, will start in the events facilities on the second floor. During the day´s event you can participate in workshops, get to know the actors of the Taidekahvit, and see small performances.  There will also be performances suitable for the whole family, such as the Fairy Circus of the Nurinpäin collective and the heroine of all the mischievous, princess Pikkuriikki. who will hold a fan meeting with all her friends. The day event Vallaton and the evening club KUMOUS that continues it, are a real discovery to Turku Art. Baroque music, stage music, puppetry, dance and many other art forms are available. 
After the opening speeches at 12 noon, the music of The Turku Philharmonic Orchestra`s string quintet can be enjoyed on the courtyard stage from 1 pm.  After the philharmonic the bands of Turku Rock Academy and Vilperi x Rock Skolan will take the stage for the rest of the day, until 6.30 pm.    
During the day, there will also be an opportunity to participate in a community artwork related to the City of Turku´s Cultural Promise, led by the group Kiskokamut.  
The first artists, who settled in the house, their works and workspaces can be seen in the premises of the Finnish Artists Studio Foundation on the third and fourth floors.

The opening of Taiteen talo is an open to all- event and after 6 pm, the KUMOUS evening club will continue to celebrate until midnight.

The opening of Taiteen talo is also part of an opening of the Old Town´s summer season, which will be held from 13 to 14 May. The actors in the area welcome everyone to find new thrills and enjoy the diverse content. On Friday May 13 Kirkkopuisto Terassi also opens its gates for the summer.
More detailed information about the opening of Taiteen talo can be found at turku.fi/en/taiteen-talo and taidekahvit.fi.