The school year in Turku basic education and general upper secondary education ends on Saturday 4.6. In this list you will find the opening hours and on-call hours of summer 2022 in the Turku teaching and educational services.

Educational joint administration, Olavintie 2 

Educational joint administration will be closed 1.7-29.7.2022

Early childhood education, Swedish language early education and play activities 

Early childhood education service coordination (in Finnish) 

  • Telephone service, customer pay phone and early childhood chat at Monitori are closed 11.7.-17.7.  
  • Service coordinator is at Monitori on Mon 12.30–15.30, Wed and Fri 9–12. Tue and Thu closed 20.6.-31 7. Completely closed 11.7.-17.7.  
  • Phone and chat are open 20.6.-31.7. 9 am–12pm (closed 11.–17.7.). 

The customer service for early childhood education fees is closed 11.7.-31.7. 2022.

Basic and pre-primary education  

  • The term in the basic education of the City of Turku ends on Saturday ,4.6. (in pre-school education on May 31, 2022)
  • Summer vacation 5.6.–9.8.2022 
  • The first school day of term 10.8.2022.
  • Morning and afternoon activities closed 4.6.–9.8.2022. 
  • Morning and afternoon activities customer service is closed 24.6.–31.7.2022. 
  • Working and holiday schedule  

Upper secondary education 

  • New students selected for upper secondary education will be informed of the results of the joint application no earlier than 16.6.2022.  
  • The applicant must notify the accepting of a student place no later than 30.6.2022.

Summer opening hours: 

Katedralskolan i Åbo 
Office is open 6.–22.6.2022 and 3.–9.8.2022 open by appointment 

Kerttulin lukio 
Office open 6.–23.6.2022 and 1.–9.8.2022, 9.00–12.00 

Luostarivuoren Lyseon lukio
Office open 6.–23.6.2022 and 8.–9.8.2022, 9.00–12.00 

Puolalanmäen lukio
Office open 6.–22.6.2022 and 2.–9.8.2022, 8.00–12.00 

Turun klassillinen lukio
Office open 6.–23.6.2022 and 3.–9.8.2022,9.00–12.00 

Turun Suomalaisen Yhteiskoulun lukio 
Office open 6.–22.6.2022 klo 9.00–12.00 and 4.8.2022 beginning from 7.30–15.15 

Turun iltalukio  
Office open during the summer school teaching days Mon- Thu 6.–23.6.2022 and 1.–17.8.2022,15.00–19.00 

Turku vocational institute TAI 

TAI services and student affairs office opening hours summer 2022 (in Finnish)

Adult Education Centres  

Turku Finnish Adult Education centre 

  • 25.4.–9.6.2022 Mon–Thu, 10–15 
  • Office closed 10.6.–7.8.2022 (the building is closed, no customer service) 
  • Office open again: 8.–18.8.2022 Mon–Thu, 10–15 
  • Office open normally, beginning from 22.8.2022: Mon–Thu, 10–18 
  • Adult Education Centre online 

Åbo svenska arbetarinstitut (Arbis) 

We wish you a sunny summer and a happy vacation!