Matti Niemi is the new liaison director of the City of Turku. He is currently working in the cabinet of Prime Minister Sanna Marin as Special Adviser to the Prime Minister (political affairs). Niemi will start working as Turku's liaison director on Monday 13 June 2022.

Matti Niemi has been a special adviser to the prime minister since 2019. Before that, Niemi was a special adviser to Minister for European Affairs Tytti Tuppurainen and even earlier, to MEP Miapetra Kumpula-Natri.

He has also served as a special adviser to Antti Rinne and Jutta Urpilainen at the Ministry of Finance and as a consultant in public affairs. Niemi is a Master of Social Sciences.

“A lot is happening in Turku right now, and it is great to take part in promoting the growth of Turku and the entire region as well as the urban policy at large in Finland. I bring my network from Helsinki and Brussels and my extensive expertise from different sectors of politics with me to advocate the city. I look forward to working together with all actors in Turku,” says Matti Niemi.

The oldest city in Finland, Turku, is one of the world's leading climate cities, a well-known and recognised cultural city, and it also boasts a strong cooperation between business and higher education institutions.


“Matti Niemi will help advocate the city and the innovation hub with his extensive experience in both national and European decision-making. Knowledge of decision-making, communication and good stakeholder relationships are integral in achieving the city's advocacy objectives,” says Niko Kyynäräinen, Director of Business and Economic Development of Turku.

In accordance with the Mayor's Programme, the main objectives of advocacy in Turku are the implementation of the Turku One Hour Train project and making such investment decisions that the train connection will be available in 2030. There is also the implementation of the Archipelago Sea protection project and receiving sufficient funding for it. Establishing the Finnish Medicines Agency in Turku was confirmed in February 2022.

As the liaison director of Turku, Niemi will be responsible for the city's advocacy work and stakeholder cooperation in urban networks and in relation to ministries. He will manage responsibility for the city's advocacy and support the city's management not only in matters related to advocacy but also in national and international cooperation.

The liaison director will also monitor and analyse the development and changes related to legislation or other national activities that apply to the City of Turku. He will be responsible for the activities of the Turku EU Office in Brussels and be a member of the city’s management team.