The Turku service map shows services related to mobility and leisure from both the City of Turku and other service providers in the area. Information benefiting different modes of transport will be published on the map in stages during 2022.

Get to kow the City of Turku Service map here:

The first service visible is the calculation points of the bridges in the center of Turku, which provide real-time information about pedestrians, cyclists and cars. In addition, the service map now also includes bicycle parking places, regional cycling routes, walking routes, charging and refueling points for electric and gas cars, and the offer of other mobility service providers.

- Data import to the map will be implemented gradually. The city of Turku and the city's partners have a lot of data to offer that is interesting and useful to the residents, and it is just waiting to be presented. Next up are e.g. information related to parking and electric scooters, says project manager Stella Aaltonen.

Only the first version of the mobility layer is now available. The service is being refined and more information is coming, but already at this stage, users are expected to provide feedback on the new features. You can give feedback in the Give feedback section of the service map.

Open and accessible

The Turku service map is a service where the user can search for services offered by the city and now also by others, using different search criteria. With the help of the address, you can e.g., search for nearby services. The service map pays special attention to the accessibility of the data, and accessibility information is also available on many of the city’s offices. The map is being developed together with the City of Helsinki.

The content production of the service map is done openly; the principle is to make information visible to everyone. Open information benefits everyone and supports the development of knowledge-based services.

The service map development is implemented as part of the Scale-Up project funded by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 program. More information about the project at