The Turku Education Committee will receive the needs assessment of the Turku International Primary School on 21 June. The possible completion of the project is scheduled for 2025, when the school would be able to move to new premises in Kupittaa, the Science Park area.

Currently, the relocation of the school in Varissuo closer to the city center and the increase in the size of the school have been discussed for some time, and the goal has also been included in the Mayors`s program, approved last autumn.

The new location is proposed for the Turku Science Park area

In the needs assessment, a new location is proposed for the Turku Science Park area, at the corner of Joukahaisenkatu and Untamonkatu. The premises are planned for the property used by Turku University of Applied Sciences, for which the necessary alterations would be made. 
Turku Science Park is the most significant urban development project supporting the growth of the urban area. The aim of the science park is to be an internationally interesting center of expertise, the development of which aims to utilize its full potential. The location of the international school in the Science Park would strengthen the region´s goals add contribute as a competitive factor in attracting international companies and experts to the Turku region. 

The needs assessment defines the location and the space needs related to the school`s operations and the number of people. Following the committee`s statement, the need assessment will be submitted to the city board for approval in August. If the needs assessment is approved, the project planning phase will begin, in which the location of the operations in the proposed property will be planned in more detail and more technical aspects and costs will be clarified.

The project plan is expected to be processed in early 2023. With these prospects, the possible completion of the project is scheduled for 2025. The schedule will be specified as further planning progresses. 

Turku International School is a Turku city school, and Turun Normaalikoulu is responsible for the teaching, based on an agreement between the City of Turku and the University of Turku. The school`s students are city students, but the school `s staff are university employees. 
Agenda of the Education Committee (in Finnish):