The highlight of the year for every Turku resident and friend of the city – Turku day – brings a cheerful atmosphere and numerous events to the city. This festive day bursting with hometown love consists of more than 90 events.

Turku Day has been celebrated since 1961. The event was initially organized by Turkuseura and the tradition has been continued by the city of Turku. In addition to the city of Turku, local associations, companies and clubs are responsible for organizing the day's program.

The third Sunday in September offers a wide range of free events to explore and experience the city, everything from a marine themed program to a festive market atmosphere. In addition to the events, Finland's food capital offers delicacies of all kinds on Turku Day, with many of the city’s restaurants and cafes serving hungry and thirsty visitors.

On Turku Day, the New Market Square and the atmospheric Old Great Square are offering markets and a lot of exciting things to try out. The Archipelago and design market offers exciting delicacies from the archipelago, beautiful handicraft products and design from Turku. At the Market Square Event, local associations, clubs and council parties present their activities, and dance and song performances are seen on the stage.

The impressive city hall of Turku opens its doors to the visitors on Turku Day from 12:00 to 15:00. During the open doors, visitors will get to know the council hall and the impressive entrance hall of the building and listen to the speech of the mayor Minna Arve. The speech ‘Turku täsä ja ny’ is a review on current affairs and is held at 12:35. 

You can also visit the Biological Museum, Luostarinmäki Museum Quarters, Pharmacy Museum and The Qwensel House, Turku Castle, WAM and Kylämäki Village for free on Turku Day. The free “Hotel Kakola before and now”- tours introduce you to the premises of the Turku county prison that has been converted into a hotel. The patron ship of the city of Turku, the mine countermeasures ship Katanpää, is visiting Aurajoki for the townspeople to see. The outer decks of the ship are open to the public from 14:00 to 18:00. The city of Turku also invites students to get to know the city on Turku Day. Turku Day Appro is aimed for all the students to go around the free events of Turku Day, collecting stamps on the map. The stamped map is exchanged for Turku-themed overall badges at the end of the appro.

The popular Posankka Race is making a comeback to the Turku Day program! Posankka Race is a fast-paced fundraising event for cleaner waters by the environmental organization Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry and the own city animal of Turku, Posankka. Adopt yourself a little bathposankka with a donation of 10 € at and come to the banks of the Aurajoki river to cheer on your own racing posankka to victory! The event aims to draw the attention of the townspeople to the littering of waterways and to collect funds to support the work of the Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry. You can also enjoy the atmosphere of the archipelago and the marine scenery on a guided one-hour cruise from Aurajoki in the direction of Ruissalo.

The event organized at Aurajoki guide center Myllärintalo, Halistenkoski and Turku Waterworks Museum will include kayaking instructions, a cultural walk to Virnamäki, a fish ladder demonstration, a task course and much more for the whole family. At the Adventure Park Seikkailupuisto you can learn about evolution and insects with the Öttiäiset show. The show is recommended for ages of 3 and up.

After dark, the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra celebrates the New Market Square with a video mapping artwork, the music of which is a concert recording of the last part of Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th symphony, Ode to Joy. The Turku Day festivities culminate with the traditional fireworks display from Samppalinnanmäki at 21:00.
One for all and all for Turku!

Uutisen kuva: Jaska Poikonen / Turun kaupunki 2020 | Tanssistudio Flaman esiintyvä tanssiryhmä Flama Crew