The state-of-the-art building “Tyyssija” (Eng. “Haven”) opened its doors to student tenants in the beginning of 2022.

“Tyyssija” inner yard

The “Tyyssija” building, located in the Turku Student Village about 3 km’s from the city centre, is one of the key players in the international, EU-funded RESPONSE-project. The main objective of the project in Turku is for the Student Village to produce more energy than what is consumed on a yearly basis.

The owner of the Student Village is the Turku Student Village Foundation’s (TYS). TYS was founded in 1966 by the by the Student Union of the University of Turku, the Foundation’s mission has since then been to build, renovate, rent, and maintain apartments for students. Identical to the City of Turku, TYS aims to be carbon neutral by 2029. The carbon neutrality objective and the synergies supported by RESPONSE were some of the main incentives for TYS to join the project.

“Tyyssija” along with two other buildings and two building clusters make up the RESPONSE laboratory of Turku. A significant share of the RESPONSE-project solutions in Turku either have or will be implemented in the “Tyyssija” building or in its proximity.

One of the solutions visible for the tenants of “Tyyssija” is the human thermal sensation control system provided by the Swedish partner Kiona. It envisions indoor sensors, equal in size to a box of matches, installed in all apartments. The sensors measure and distribute information about relative temperature and humidity levels, thus supporting optimization of indoor temperatures and predictability of temperature changes.

Another example are the bifacial solar panels provided by Solar Finland, planned to be installed by the end of 2022, on the roof of “Tyyssija”. The solar panels will be installed on an angled roof mounting system, this will enable light reflecting from the roof to reach the backside of the solar panels. It is estimated that the bi-facial solar panels will yield 5-20% more energy compared to conventional solar panels.

With gym-, restaurant-, grocery store-and office facilities, “Tyyssija” serves as the heart of the Student Village. The objective of “Tyyssija” is also to improve the tenants’ everyday life and increase a sense of community and multiculturalism. Concrete measures for supporting these objectives are the saunas and shared spaces available for tenants to book.

“Tyyssija” under construction seen from above in October 2021