We may not always succeed – but often receive compliments, too. We compiled the feedback channels of the City of Turku and the higher education institutions in Turku in one place.

What kind of feedback can I give?

In fact, you can give feedback on anything! Students often give feedback on courses directly to the teaching staff. However, the community also exists outside the teaching situation, and feedback can be given on events, the learning environment or opportunities to influence matters, as well. It is also possible to give feedback to the City of Turku.

In our city, a large number of specialists and professionals work with students’ affairs and help students whatever the problem. For example, if you know that the matter concerns equality, you can contact the person responsible for equality or the harassment contact person. 

How will my message be forwarded?

Any communication channel or situation is an opportunity to give feedback. You can send a message in the social media, or use the general email or a contact form. We compiled a list of the feedback channels of the organisations in the higher education community for students living in Turku.

If you don't know where to start, you can contact the Study in Turku network, from where we will forward your message in the right direction. You can approach us through our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

It is always worthwhile to give feedback! Tell us how we have succeeded!

Contact details of higher education institutions

University of Turku – utu.fi
Åbo Akademi University – abo.fi
Turku University of Applied Sciences – turkuamk.fi
Novia University of Applied Sciences – novia.fi
Humak University of Applied Sciences – humak.fi

Contact details of student unions:

The Student Union of the University of Turku – tyy.fi
The Student Union of Åbo Akademi – studentkaren.fi
Student Union of Turku University of Applied Sciences – opiskelijakunta.net
Student Union of Novia University of Applied Sciences – novium.fi
Student Union of Humak University of Applied Sciences – humako.net

Feedback to the City of Turku: