The current snowstorms have forced the City of Turku to move the starting date of the city bike season. The start of the season is moved to when the weather permits.

The snowy weather at the beginning of the week has made cycling conditions difficult for everyone, and especially challenging for the föllari bikes. For the safety of the users, the city has decided to keep the bikes in storage for a while longer.

- Since the bikes are not in use all year round, we have not mounted studded tires on them, so under these conditions the bikes cannot be let out on the streets yet, states the project coordinator for the föllari bikes, Jere Sipponen. However, we are aware that people would like to use the bikes as soon as possible and we will do our best to quickly get the bikes out on the streets when the weather warms up, he continues.

The new föllari bikes came to Turku last summer and they were used more than 100,000 times last season. The city bikes can also be easily combined with other sustainable mobility in the city and with them you can get to know the local area for a monthly price of 6 euros, or a seasonal price of 35 euros.

- Föli travel cards of more than 30 days also include the right to use the bikes, reminds Sipponen.

Turku's city bikes will delight and make it easier to get around the city again as soon as the weather permits.