A stately public urban space located in the Linnanniemi area in Turku will be named in honour of President Mauno Koivisto. Linnanniemi is a new neighbourhood being planned in the vicinity of the Turku Castle and the harbour, near the River Aura and the sea.

Further information on Linnanniemi


The area will accommodate a square, park, or other public urban space paying homage to Mauno Koivisto. The location of the commemorative space will be decided later, in connection with the amendments to the local detailed plan for Linnanniemi.

Decisions on amending the local detailed plan are scheduled to be made by the end of 2024. The amendments will specify whether the space commemorating Mauno Koivisto will be an urban square or a part of the park area situated by the Castle.

The memorial will be inaugurated later as the Linnanniemi area develops.

The celebratory decision on the permanent commemoration of Mauno Koivisto in the Linnanniemi area will be made by the Turku City Council in autumn 2023. The proposal for the memorial has been prepared by a celebratory committee appointed by Mayor Minna Arve and chaired by Mika Maaskola, Chair of the Turku City Council.

Linnanniemi is a tribute to Koivisto’s dockworker background

The committee responsible for the preparation work decided to propose Linnanniemi as the location for the memorial, because the Turku harbour area was very important to President Mauno Koivisto. In his youth, President Mauno Koivisto worked as a riveter’s assistant in the harbour of Turku.

Even the topic of his doctoral dissertation was ‘Social relations in the harbour of Turku’. 

In 2023, the anniversary of the birth of Mauno Koivisto, a plaque in his honour will be installed to a building in the harbour. The location of the building and the plaque installation date will be announced later. 

– The Linnanniemi area has had both cultural and historical significance for Finland's history. It serves as Finland's gateway to both the west and the east, so there are several links to Koivisto’s work as head of state, says Mika Maaskola, Chair of the celebratory committee preparing the memorial and Chair of the Turku City Council.

The family of Mauno Koivisto also consider the Linnanniemi area as the best location for the permanent memorial. The matter has been discussed with President Koivisto's spouse Tellervo Koivisto and daughter Assi Koivisto.

A lot of suggestions for the location of the memorial have been received from the public, the members of the City Council, and the Nomenclature Committee of the City of Turku. 

– We received a lot of suggestions, and they were all good. I would like to extend my warmest thanks to all who made suggestions, says Mika Maaskola, Chair of the celebratory committee.

Several events during the anniversary year

This year marks the centenary of the birth of the Turku-born President Koivisto. In Turku, several events are organised in his honour, the most significant of which is the permanent memorial. 

Currently, the preliminary anniversary programme includes:

  • Celebratory lecture by Timo Soikkanen, Professor Emeritus of Contemporary History, on Turku Day 17 September 2023. The topic of the lecture is Mauno Koivisto's years in Turku and the neighbouring municipalities.
  • Työväen kirkkoilta (workpeople's church night), topic Mauno Koivisto and religion, in Turku Cathedral 9.11.2023 at 5 pm.
  • Celebratory match organised by TutoVolley. One of the prizes is Koivisto’s volleyball donated by his family.
  • Facsimile edition of 500 copies of Mauno Koivisto's doctoral dissertation from 1956, ‘Social relations in the harbour of Turku’.
  • Collection of memories related to Mauno Koivisto.
  • Mauno Koivisto walking tours.
  • Mauno Koivisto exhibition at the City Library.
  • Concerts by male choir Naskalit. Mauno Koivisto used to sing in the choir. 

President Mauno Koivisto died in May 2017.

The permanent memorial has been prepared by a celebratory committee appointed by Mayor Minna Arve of Turku. The committee members are: 

  • Mika Maaskola (Chair)
  • Minna Arve (Vice-Chair)
  • Mika Akkanen
  • Outi Kari-Granfors
  • Leena Koikkalainen
  • Veikko Laakso
  • Heikki Paloheimo
  • Timo Soikkanen
  • Kirsi Vainio-Korhonen