Turku Åbo Summer School, the summer school of five Turku higher education institutions, attracted more than 500 applications from students this year. Turku and its high-quality higher education offering received applications from all around the world. A large number of applications were received from European countries, Asia and North America.

Turku Åbo Summer School is a summer school for international talents interested in higher education studies, and it is funded by the Study in Turku network of the five Turku higher education institutions and the City of Turku. The summer school’s online courses and two-week intensive courses organised on-site in Turku offer a taste of the high-quality teaching at Turku higher education institutions.

Read more about Turku Åbo Summer School: turkuabosummerschool.utu.fi

Diverse course selection brings students to Turku

The increased interest in the summer school is due to its diverse, high-quality course selection, which has been available on the summer school’s website since last December. The summer school offers 17 courses from different fields of study from five Turku higher education institutions. Information about the summer school was also communicated directly to higher education students around the world through our partner higher education institutions.

“After the difficult pandemic years, the specialists and teaching staff involved in the summer school were able to build a diverse and attractive course selection and market it successfully through the updated website,” says the Chairperson of the Turku Åbo Summer School’s steering group Annukka Väre from the University of Turku.

In addition to the extensive and timely-marketed course selection, the summer school’s steering group estimates that international mobility and travel in general have increased. “Turku Åbo Summer School is an internationally interesting programme that has clearly succeeded in attracting international talents’ interest in Turku. We establish good contacts with students who, encouraged by their positive experience, hopefully apply to our higher education institutions as degree students,” says the summer school’s Project Planning Officer Sonja Kareranta.

Summer school students experience Turku sustainably

The summer school courses begin at the beginning of August. Turku Åbo Summer School also presents Turku as a student city, and the participants are offered a sustainably organised social programme in the city and its surroundings. The Sustainable Social Programme seeks event tutors from among Turku higher education students. Summer school students spend time in the city with the locals, and Turku higher education students can apply to become a tutor by 1 June 2023 (enroll here - Webropol).

Further information:

Sonja Kareranta

Turku Åbo Summer School Project Planning Officer, sonja.kareranta@utu.fi

The Study in Turku network is a joint effort between the City of Turku and five Turku higher education institutions, making Turku the most interesting and attractive student city in Finland. The student unions of the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Humak University of Applied Sciences and Novia University of Applied Sciences as well as Turku Science Park are also involved in the network’s activities. In Turku, a student city is built together!