Turku Food Weeks, organised for the first time, will fill the city with versatile food events. The Food Weeks, to be held from 5 to 18 June, have been created thanks to the desire of Turku's food sector operators to present the city's rich restaurant culture, in connection with the Michelin Star Revelation. The Michelin Stars for Nordic restaurants will be announced this year in Turku, on 12 June.

See full programm of Turku Food Weeks (in Finnish): turku.fi/ruokaviikot


Two events will take place during the Food Weeks, combining a large number of Turku-based restaurant sector actors. The aperitif culture, familiar from the Mediterranean countries, will land in Finland when Turku's first Turku Aperitivo week will take place, on 5 to 12 June. During the week, as many as 24 restaurants in Turku offer a fresh beverage together with a delicious antipasto-type appetiser, for a fixed price of 12 euros, daily from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

Cocktail d'Or will take place between 8 and 17 June, and for this purpose, the best chefs in Finland will work together with a selected cocktail bar in Turku, to design a mix of drinks which reflect the deepest essence of the restaurants. 

Turku Aperitivo week

Delicacies of Turku's food history

During the Food Weeks, Turku's eventful food history will also be shared. On 10 June, the Suolasilakasta Michelin-tähteen (“From Salted Baltic Herring to a Michelin Star”) Walking Tour will tell the growth story of Turku's food culture, from the Middle Ages to the current today. Café Qwensel's and the Pharmacy Museum's Viuhka käy teekutsuilla (“Fan-tastic Tea Party”) afternoon tea will dive deeper into the lifestyle of the 19th century bourgeoisie, and teach you how to communicate with folding fans. 

The Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Kipaten kiltaan, kontaten kotio (“Throwing them back, and crawling home”) medieval drinking culture tour will find out where the best medieval parties were held. The Food Weeks also offer a chance to participate in a Itse tehtyä mozzarellaa ja etikkajuustoa (“Home-Made Mozzarella and Vinegar Cheese”) workshop, where you can learn to make cheese using traditional methods.

Picnic Day, Kakola Flowers, and Food Days

The Food Weeks will last for two weeks, but Saturday 10 June has become the main day of the theme weeks. On 10 June, the Kaupunkipiknik (“Picnic Day”) in downtown Turku, will invite you to enjoy the summery city and good food with the whole family. During the Picnic Day, there is also programme at the Market Square (Kauppatori), in the form of music and the introduction of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Turku ry are available. 

On Saturday 10 June, a three-day Hansakortteli (Hansa Block) Food Days event will also be launched, offering delicious dishes and a versatile programme. Also, on Saturday 10 June, the Kakola kukkii (“Kakola Blooms”) event will be held in Kakolanmäki. The event will include a free concert by Pepe Willberg, the planting of flowers and an outdoor dinner in Kakola's courtyard. 

Chocolate, ramen, and early potatoes

The Food Weeks also offer delicious tastings. PetriS Chocolate, which has succeeded in several international chocolate competitions, organises two Elämyksellinen suklaa- ja siideritastings (“Memorable Chocolate and Cider tasting”) in Turku, on 7 and 14 June. Ciders are also on focus on the Salon siiderireitti (“Salo Cider Route”) tour on 8 June, where as many as four cider farms in Salo are visited.

From 8 to 18 June, the Slurp Ride food truck serves tasty ramen noodles with a glocal concept. While, between 7 and 17 June, The Tasting Room familiarises you with the tastes of Southwest Finland and, on Sunday 18 June, Restaurant Siro's unique terrace dishes get paired with BAR4’s fresh cocktails. On 9 and 10 June, chef Petteri Luoto will cook at Restaurant OOBU and, on 14 June, sommelier Samuil Angelov will hold a wine tasting on a picnic, in the Tammisto garden. On 17 June, the Taste of Archipelago food festival will also be held in Tammisto.

During the Food Weeks, Restaurant Karu celebrates its 10th birthday with classic dishes, and Restaurant Teini also serves its own classic dishes. On 8 June, a luxurious manor dinner will be held at the Wiurila Manor, in Salo. On 12 to 16 June, children can enjoy their own Children's Food Camp, where cooking will be taught with well-known top chefs, such as Kari "Kape" Aihinen and Linnea Vihunen.

The Food Weeks repertoire also includes a cruise on Steamer Ukkopekka to Loistokari islet, where a smoked fish dinner is served, as well as a pasture picnic on the sheep pastures, in Halikko. Or would you fancy the Food Weeks’ pintxos at Deliberi or the cakebuffet on S/S Bore? Lots of delicious flavours can also be found in the Food Weeks’ programme of the Turku Market Hall and the Market Square. On Thursday 7 June, the Market Square will host a Children's Day, where the programme includes, for example, ice cream tasting and playing, for children. The SaloFood local food shop also operates on the Market Square, between 6 June and 18 June.

During the Food Weeks, you can also enjoy the Michelin ambience, as on Monday 12 June from 6 p.m., there will be two spectator stands, from which to watch the live broadcast of the Michelin Star Revelation at Logomo. The other spectator stand is located at Hansakortteli (Hansa Block) and the other on the Kirkkopuisto terrace.


The Early Potato Day, to be held for the first time, will also take place during the Food Weeks, on 15 June. The day offers programme on the Turku Market Square stage, as well as an early potato dinner on board Ship Hostel S/S Bore and at Minttus Bar & Kök in Nauvo. Early potatoes are also celebrated by the familiar Neitsytperunafestivaali (“Virgin Potato Festival”) held at the Brewery Restaurant Koulu, on 16 and 17 June, Nauvo’s Potato Festival De Vita Päron on 17 June, as well as the Silli ja uussi peruni (“Herring and early potatoes”) event, in Rymättylä, Naantali, on 10 June.

The City of Turku supports experiments with food-based experience services

A part of the food events in Turku Food Weeks, are organised with the support of the City of Turku and the Food Hub project of the City of Turku and the University of Turku. In spring 2023, the city and the project organised a competitive tendering for experiments with food-based experience services. The Food Hub project is funded by the European Union and the Regional Council of Southwest Finland.

The following experiments will be funded on the basis of the tendering process: Elämyksellinen suklaa- ja siideritasting (“Memorable Chocolate and Cider tasting”), Lasten ruokaleiri (“Children's Food Camp”), Turku Aperitivo, Kakola kukkii (“Kakola Blooms”), Cocktail d´Or, as well as Villa Bella Vistan perin salaperäinen mysteerikahvihetki (“A Very Mysterious Coffee Moment at Villa Bella Vista”). The Mysterious Coffee Moment that combines drama and local history, will take place at Villa Bella Vista in Ruissalo, in July, and other experiments will be carried out as part of Turku Food Weeks.

See Turku Food Weeks full program (in Finnish): turku.fi/ruokaviikot