Turku City Board decided on 30 March that early childhood education customer fees will not be charged if the child is absent from early childhood education and his/her parents or other guardians are otherwise able to arrange care during the time that government decree and temporary limitations regarding teaching and education are in force.

The decision applies to municipal early childhood education in day care centres and family day care as well as morning and afternoon clubs.

In early childhood education, customer fees will not be charged for absences that occur after 18 March. The compensation for early childhood education customer is a day-specific discount that is calculated from the child’s monthly fee. Absences affect the early childhood education customer fee.

Guardians must inform absences of children attending municipal day care through the Päikky system.

Municipal day care centres apply the so-called care place guarantee. If the child is continuously absent from early childhood education for at least 4 months, he or she will be guaranteed a place in the same day care centre after the absence.

In care place guarantee, the child’s day care is suspended, and the guardian can apply for e.g. child home care allowance for the duration of absence. The care place guarantee is agreed with the day care centre manager.

Turku City Board strongly recommends service voucher providers of early childhood education to follow the recommendation for their part. The recommendation applies to private day care centres and group family day care. 

Customer fees of workers' institutes

In the Finnish Adult Education Center of Turku and Åbo svenska arbetarinstitut, the remaining lessons that were scheduled for spring 2020 will not be compensated financially. As a compensation for course fees, these institutions will organise free lectures during autumn 2020.