The Old Great Square used to be the town centre in Turku. It was an important trading place and the administrative centre of Turku from the 13th century until the early 19th century.

Traffic routes from all over the country crossed in the Great Old Square. The most important of these routes was the sea lane from river Aura connecting Finland to the rest of Europe. The most significant roads were the historic Ox Road of Häme, connecting Turku Castle and Häme Castle, and the old King’s Road that led to Vyborg in Russia.

The first stone buildings in Turku were built along the Great Square. The renovation of the old buildings in the square for cultural use has been one of the most extensive renovation projects ever realized in Turku. Before the renovation, the buildings housed among others the police department and the city’s social services.

The Old Great Square today

There are four historically significant buildings in the Square

  • Brinkkala Mansion
  • Old Town Hall
  • Hjelt Mansion
  • Juselius Mansion