Brinkkala Mansion

The earliest records of the Brinkkala Mansion date back to the 16th century. During its history the mansion has functioned as the town house of the owners of Brinkhall Manor, as a hotel and as the home of a Russian Governor General. After the fire of 1827 in Turku, the Brinkkala Mansion was renovated as the new town hall.

Brinkkala is best known as the place where Christmas Peace has been declared every Christmas Eve at noon since 1886. Before that, Christmas Peace was declared from “the doors and windows of the town house”, as the old saying goes.

Brinkkala Mansion today

The mansion was officially reopened after restorations on 19 November 1998. The second floor rooms facing the square and the main staircase were restored to their 1886 appearance. The most valuable of the restored rooms is the Magistrate’s Court with its original chandeliers and furniture.