Juselius Mansion

The Juselius Mansion is the youngest of the Old Great Square buildings, but has nevertheless gone through many stages while maintaining its original appearance. The mansion was originally built as a residential building by Carl Fredrik Juselius. Often called a “Neo-Renaissance palace”, it was completed in 1892.

Over the years the Juselius Mansion has had many different occupants. The Mayor of Turku has lived there, and doctors have kept their practices in the building.

Juselius as a restaurant

Café-restaurant Hansa was opened in the mansion’s cellar in 1924. The Turku Artists’ Association was founded in this restaurant. After many eventful years the restaurant changed its name to Teini in the 1940s. The restaurant has always been a popular meeting place for artists as well as students and academics.

The legendary restaurant was closed in 1963 and repurposed into offices for the police department and social services. After 30 years, Teini was reopened in 1993.

Juselius Mansion today

All three floors of the mansion have offices of local cultural societies.

The second phase of renovations on the mansion was completed in 2001, and today two thirds of the building has been restored. The mansion is now owned by the city’s real estate service.