Old Town Hall

Based on archaeological findings, the Great Old Square has had a centre for secular administration, i.e. a town hall, since the 14th century. The most well-known of the previous town halls is the stone building designed by Samuel Berner and built in 1736. Berner’s design inspired other town halls such as the ones in Rauma and Porvoo.

After the fire

Berner’s town hall was destroyed in the fire of 1827, and a private house was built on the ramparts of the old building. In the 1850s factory owner Juselius bought the house, and in 1899 he turned it into a three-storey building.

Juselius ran a shirt factory in the building until the 1920s, after which it was bought by the City of Turku and rented to the police department who used it as a gymnasium.

This building is now called the Old Town Hall, and it was renovated in 1988 for the use of the Turku Cultural Centre. Today the Old Town Hall is home to art galleries and conference and banqueting halls. The old cellars have been refurbished into venues for private ceremonies.