Venues for hire


The Old Great Square has a variety of options for hiring venues. The Old Town Hall and the Brinkkala Mansion are great historical milieus to have a unique banquet or meeting in.

You can find information on these venues on the side menu on the left.

  • The the Assembly Room in the Old Town Hall is suitable for a bigger event, as it holds about 100 people. In addition, you can hire the Blue Room which has a kitchen.
  • The Magistrate’s Court in the Brinkkala Mansion is fitting for an event of about 50 people.
  • The Green Hall and the Blue and Grey Rooms in the Brinkkala Mansion as well as the Cellar in the Old Town Hall can hold 40 people.


The price of the venues consists of the venue fee, plus a compensation for the porter for night time events. The compensation is 60€/hour until 24.00 and 120€/hour after that. The compensation is added to the venue fee from 16.00 onwards on Monday, from 18.00 on Tuesday-Friday and from 17.00 on Saturday-Sunday. All events must conclude at 02.00 at the latest.

The price includes

  • cleaning of the venue
  • seating arrangements
  • instruments and audiovisual appliances at the venue


You are free to arrange your own catering at the Old Great Square venues. The Blue Room, The Green Hall and the Old Town Hall’s Cellar have kitchens, while the Magistrate’s Court/Corner Hall has a kitchenette. The venues don’t have serving dishes or table cloths.

Smoking is prohibited in the Great Old Square venues.