Old Town Hall


  • Jukka Ranta
  • phone 02 262 0961, 044 907 2425
  • jukka.ranta(a)turku.fi

Assembly Room

  • The Assembly Room is a versatile banquet and performance venue. Located on the third floor of the Old Town Hall, this venue holds 150 people. Seating arrangements are made according to the customer’s wishes.
  • The venue has Wi-Fi (SSID Sparknet WLAN).
  • Price 700€/event (incl. the Blue Room with a kitchen).
  • 600€ (The Assembly Room only).

The Blue Room

  • Located on the second floor of the Old Town Hall, this banquet and meeting venue holds 40 people.
  • The Room has an adjacent kitchen with three large refrigerators, a freezer, oven, dish washer, coffee maker, kettle and microwave. Note that there are no serving dishes or table cloths.
  • Price 150€/event.

Grey Room

  • Located on the first floor of the Old Town Hall, the Grey Room is a great venue for meetings, training sessions or art events. The venue holds 40 people.
  • Price 100€/event.


  • The Cellar in the Old Town House is an intimate venue for evening events. The venue holds 40 people and has its own entrance. There is no porter compensation for this venue.
  • The Cellar has a kitchen with basic appliances apart from an oven.
  • Price 350€/event.