How do you see the historical centre of Turku and the university campus area now and in the future? Why is the area important to you personally? Are there any challenges involved? Take part in a questionnaire and tell your opinion 28.9.-9.10.2020.

The historical centre of Turku and the campus area of the universities is being developed together with the residents of Turku and the users of the areas. The process aims to be as open and interactive as possible! Together we can give the area the appreciation it deserves: both as a place of residents’ interaction and also as an attractive spot for visitors. This is how we can make the area active and vibrant all year round.

The development area which the questionnaire is targeting stretches from the surroundings of the Old Great Square up to Helsinginkatu in the north, river Aura to the west and Hämeenkatu to the east.

The development area.

The questionnaire is made with Innoduel, an application really easy to use. You get to rank different answer options: the questionnaire gives you two options at a time, from which you choose the one you think is better than the other one. You can also create and suggest your own ideas as answers. As a result, when people have answered the questionnaire, we will have a ranking list of all the answers, the most popular ones on top.

In this process your contribution really makes a difference: the collected answers will be the starting point for the development process of the area.

  • Go and fill the questionnaire (The questionnaire has ended 9.10.2020.)

Development plan in the making

The development plan for the historical centre and the university campus areas is based on the Vision for the City Center of Turku. The ongoing process with the development plan is important, as it will give guidelines for the whole future of the historical centre and the university campus areas. The questionnaire and the viewpoints of the residents are a vital part of this work.

In October, we will also organise interactive events, where we can discuss together the possibilities of the future of the area even further.

The development plan will be ready during the spring 2021. Working together towards the goal are The University Properties of Finland, Stiftlelsen för Åbo Akademi, Parish Union of Turku and Kaarina, the City of Turku, University of Turku, Turku Student Village Foundation and Åbo Akademi. Assisting help is provided by Lundén Architecture Company and Demos Helsinki.