Omaolo services

Turku has introduced a new digital social and health care service, Omaolo. Omaolo provides you an easy assessment on what treatment you need and, based on your situation, guides you to the appropriate services of the municipality or hospital district of your choosing.

Recommendations for treatments can vary between urgent guidance to local emergency services, direct electronic contacts or appointments with a nurse, doctor or physiotherapist, or home treatment instructions, always depending on your individual answers.

If you need a sick leave certificate or a certificate for caring for a sick child, call your local health centre.

You can fill in the symptom assessment and service assessment at any time of the day, but health care professionals will process them on business days Mon–Fri between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

PLEASE NOTE! If you want to receive text messages regarding your treatment, you must sign the agreement to use the health care e-Services. The text messages are sent directly from the health care e-Services, not the Omaolo service. You do not need to sign an agreement to use the Omaolo service.

In Turku’s own health care e-Services, you can manage your bookings, receive laboratory test results, browse your health information, make requests to renew your electronic prescriptions and send messages to the health care professionals of the City of Turku.


Health care e-Services

New client (resident of Turku above the age of 18)

Please sign the agreement to use the health care e-Services first by signing in to the service:

New client acting on behalf of someone else (also the transactions of minors and people from other municipalities)

Return the filled form to one of the Welfare Division’s service locations of the City of Turku.