City Administration

The new political model of leadership and structure of city bodies of Turku has taken effect on August 1, 2021. The highest executive authority of the city are represented by the Mayor and three Deputy Mayors.

The Mayor and the three Deputy Mayors make up the Mayoral body which directs and integrates the activities of the City, according to the decisions made by the City Council and City Board.

City Administration consists of the Central Administration and the four divisions. Chief of Staff Tuomas Heikkinen supports the Mayor with management at city level.

The Management Group of the city has 15 members. In addition to the Mayors, also the Directors of Central Administration Groups and Service Directors belong to the Management Group.

Service Directors:

  • Director of Education and Teaching Timo Jalonen
  • Deputize Recreation Director Outi Kari-Granfors
  • Urban Environment Director Christina Hovi
  • Director of Employment Riitta Uitto