Basic Education

Basic education refers to liberal arts education that lasts nine years, with some exceptions. Basic education is free-of-charge and its goal is to provide everyone with the same qualifications for further educa-tion. Basic education aims at supporting pupils’ growth and offering them knowledge and skills needed for life.

Pupils are entitled to education in accordance with the curriculum, student counselling, and sufficient support for learning and attending school. All pupils receive a meal free-of-charge each school day. Grades 1–6 are usually taught by class teachers who teach all or most of the subjects. Grades 7–9 are taught subject by subject, which means that subject teachers teach their respective subjects.

The  City of Turku basic education consists of 32 Finnish-language  schools  and  four  Swedish-language schools. The Turku International School offers education in English. Over 70 mother tongues are spoken in the schools of Turku. Multicultural encounters are a daily occurrence.

All of the students are members of the student body. The tasks of the student body are to promote cooperation between the students, their opportunities to influence things and their participation as well as develop cooperation. Two pupils from each elementary school represent their school in the Turun Lasten Parlamentti, the children’s parliament in Turku. Secondary school students can voice their opinions in the Turun Nuorisovaltuusto, the youth council in Turku.

Basic education service area director is Tommi Tuominen.