General Upper Secondary School Education

Students in upper secondary schools  in Turku achieve top marks in the national matriculation examinations year after year – thanks to a high standard of teaching and motivated students. The Swedish-speaking upper secondary school in Turku, Katedralskolan i Åbo, is the oldest upper secondary school in Finland, whose past principals include the father of literary Finnish, Mikael Agricola.

Nearly all of the upper secondary schools in Turku are specialised in something by appointment of the Ministry of Education and Culture. These fields are articulacy, ICT, sports, music and natural sciences. Additionally, a marine branch also operates in Turku. In addition to the normal curriculum, specialisation manifests in upper secondary schools as hours of improvisation, games design, hard physical training, grand music productions, laboratory courses organised at the University or field study on the Archipelago Sea.

Students can choose how they want to study in the upper secondary school, such as in English in the Turku International School or flexibly in the evenings. Students can select courses from all upper secondary schools in Turku. Compared to the national average, schools in Turku provide students with better pre-requisites for institutes of higher education.

Students may complete an upper secondary school diploma in various subjects in all of the upper secondary schools in Turku. In addition to Finnish, Swedish and English, students may choose to study German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Latin, Chinese or Japanese. All upper secondary schools in Turku have international activities.

General upper secondary education service area director is Jussi Paavola.