Turku Vocational Institute

The Turku Vocational Institute successfully qualifies thousands of young people in various professions every year. Individual educational paths are ensured through personal study plans. Students may choose between the expert path, international path or supported learning path.

We also offer excellent training options for upper secondary school graduates. The double-certificate path, the athlete path and entrepreneurial education support the students’ needs and development.

The Turku Vocational Institute student exchange programme with international cooperation institutes and companies develops language skills and new kinds of skills for meeting different cultures. We have cooperation partners in Europe and as far away as China and Canada.

The pedagogic solutions for learning are versatile and functional, and they support learning as well as promote cooperation and networking. Professional skills are ensured through periods of workplace learning in companies as well as versatile contacts with working life. The company cooperation network of the Turku Vocational Institute is one of the most comprehensive in Finland. On average, students of the Turku Vocational Institute are more likely to be employed compared to the rest of the country. Vocational training provides students with qualifications to attend institutes of higher education.

Students receive counselling and guidance to support their choices throughout their education. The VALMA training, preparing for vocational training, is offered to those young people who have not been able to access their desired field, who have dropped out of school or are considering a change of field.

Competitions allow for competing in vocational skills on a national and international level. Students from the Turku Vocational Institute have brought back several medals from these competitions.

Vocational education service area director is Hannu Immonen.