Services for the Elderly and the Disabled

Organisation chart

The aim of the services for older adults is to enable older people in Turku to live in their own homes for as long as possible with the help of home care and support services.

When home-based services are no longer enough, four multi-purpose centres for older people in need of continuous care are available. The centres offer different levels of 24/7 care and other specialised services.

Services for older adults also include support for family carers (informal care) and arranging family care for older people.

Disability services are responsible for organising a package of services for people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, based on an individual rehabilitation and/or service plan. The aim is to ensure that people with disabilities can participate as equal members of society.

Services for older adults and people with disabilities cover the following areas:

Non-institutional services (Community care)

  • Support for informal carers of people over 18
  • Memory coordinators
  • Home rehabilitation
  • Service management
  • Services for veterans
  • Home care
  • Service centres

Housing services

  • Older adult centres

Disability services

  • Services for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Support for informal carers of people under 18
  • Housing Services
  • Work and daytime activities