Päikky - Frequently Asked Questions

Päikky's mukava application:


Why does my child’s picture appear in Päikky?
It is a security picture used for identification. Relying merely on the children’s names could cause a security risk in situations where the staff would not be able to recognise the children by their names only due to a short-term substitution or on-call duty time. The security picture is saved on a secured server owned by Abilita Oyj.

What is the difference between the browser and mobile versions of Päikky?
In the mobile application, you can

  • make daily care time reservations
  • inform about any changes to the locked calendar
  • follow the plan and the care time used

In the mobile, the plan can be saved every day.

In the browser, turku.paikky.fi, you can

  • make weekly care time reservations
  • inform about any changes to the locked calendar
  • save default plans
  • copy a plan for the family’s other children
  • follow the plan and the care time used

In the browser, the plan needs to be made for the whole calendar week before it can be saved.

You can find additional information on http://www.turku.fi/en/daycare-and-education/early-childhood-education/paikky.



Where do I find the application for my phone?
You will find the application by the name ‘mukava’ in the Play Store and App Store. See photo of the application on the right.

I downloaded the mukava application to my phone. When logging in, I selected the City of Turku from the menu, but as soon as the programme started loading, the city was changed into another one. Can I change it back by myself? However, the children’s information showed correctly.
The application automatically displays the information of the correct municipality for you, otherwise you would have failed to log in. We have reported the programme supplier about this matter.



Why do I not receive the activating code as a text message to my phone when I try to activate my username?
A username has not been created for your phone number yet. Or if your phone number has changed, a username has not been created for the new phone number. First, please update your new phone number in the early childhood education e-services. After that, inform the head of your child’s day care centre, day care teacher, or the group’s staff that you need a new username due to a changed phone number.

I am my child’s non-resident parent, why am I not able to have a username for Päikky?
A child’s non-resident parent only receives a username for Päikky if the child’s living arrangements include living at both parents’ places during a calendar month, e.g. with a week / week principle.

In a case like this, the parents together plan the needed care times for the child for the whole calendar month, so that the care weeks required by both parents are taken into account. 



My child has an 85 % agreement. S/he was absent from the day care centre for one week, which was previously scheduled. Does this mean that the payment will decrease to 65 % during that month if we have reserved under 110 hours of monthly day care time?
The day care client fee is a monthly fee charged according to the payment agreement. The fee will not decrease even when all agreed / planned hours for the calendar month have not been used. The shifts of the staff are scheduled according to that 85 % of hours, and the staff is resourced based on the children’s planned attendances.

Do I need to make a new agreement of a 65 % care time per calendar month, and then a new one of 85 % again the following month?
The agreement of early childhood education is made for a period of at least four (4) months. (Education Committee 18 Jan 2017 Section 3). An exception are e.g. changes to the child’s care times caused by unemployment or employment.



Can I save two separate weeks to Päikky if they are repeated? For example if the child lives with his/her mother and father on alternate weeks.
In the browser, you can plan the weeks you would like to be repeated during one session. After the planning, you will choose the tap “set as a default plan” which will enable the weeks to be repeated alternately. During holidays, you should remember to plan the free time a.k.a. planned absence. There will be a change concerning the default plan function, which will allow the parent to adjust a time period as a default setting.

How are public holidays indicated in the calendar?
If a care time exception for the child has not been agreed upon for the weekends, only the Mon-Fri days will be opened for planning. The programme reads the calendar – for example the Independence Day has been saved in the background, and it is not possible to reserve care time for that day.

Why am I not allowed to plan my child’s care times at one minute accuracy? Could this be changed?
At the moment, when using the browser the plan can be created for every fifteen minutes, and in the mobile application it can be created at one minute accuracy. We have forwarded a development idea to the system supplier that both the browser and mobile would work in the same way.

Why am I not allowed to bring my children to day care at any chosen time within the centre’s opening hours?
In early childhood education, a decent number of staff needs to be present when children are in day care. The plans are used to resource the shifts of the staff.

Why do I need to plan my child’s care times even though I pay the maximum fee?
The Päikky launch is related to the Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care which was implemented on 1 March 2017, and according to the act, a child’s care requirements are not based on hours anymore. Care time planning is not based on payment. The agreed service requirements of the child also affect the planning of the staff’s shifts, ordering of the meals, and planning of the activities done with the children.

Why do not both parents get a reminder of missing plans to their emails? Only my spouse received a reminder. Bot of our email addresses are correctly in Päikky and Effica, the early childhood education programme by the City of Turku.

For the present, the programme sends system reminders to the parent first in the alphabet. A change is coming for this, and the related schedule is still open.



Can I inform about my child getting sick via Päikky?
When your child is sick, you can inform an exception to the plan after the calendar is locked. The sick day hours are counted into the used hours of presence. Absence caused by a sickness which lasts over 10 days within the same calendar month halves the customer fee by 50 %.

Can I change a plan that has already been made?
You can change a made plan until the previous week’s Monday noon. Changes occurring after this should be informed to the staff of your child’s day care centre.

Why do hours not disappear from the plan even though I have informed the day care centre about a previously planned spare day after the calendar was locked?
The programme reduces the hours of planned absence from the realised hours of the whole calendar month. The original plan will still be shown, and this is why the plan does not change. Regarding the hours to be invoiced, the hours of previously planned absence have been reduced.



Why are both taken into consideration, the plan and the realised time?
In early childhood education and care, the planned care times of the children form the basis for the staff’s shift planning. In case the realisations differ from the plans, the staff’s shifts also need to be changed in order for us to meet the obligations set in the Act on Early Childhood Education and Care. When staff’s shifts are suddenly changed, it also affects the realisation of their own children’s care time in their day care centre. The change also affects the work time of that day care centre / day care provider. This is why the plans and realisations need to be as consistent as possible.

We have reserved a maximum of 35 hours per week as our child’s care time need, which makes 85 % of the full-time care in a month. I have an irregular three-shift work and varying spare days during the week. Will the hours even out monthly? For example, the planned weekly number of hours is 35 h, and this week the realised number of hours would be 38 h and next week 15 h. Does the exceeded week result in a payment or will it be evened out like so far?
The realised hours even out in accordance to the whole calendar month. Since you have the 85 % agreement, approximately 35 h / week, it means that there is a maximum of 140 h for use in a calendar month.

The weekly numbers of hours may be different than in the given example, as far as all the hours of the calendar month are not exceeded. Using the browser version of Päikky, you can follow the accumulation of hours.

We live in different addresses with my exspouse and we have joint custody. We need early childhood education at different times on our own weeks. Why am I not able to only plan the days during which my child is living with me?
When using the browser, Päikky always requires a plan for the whole week. In the mobile version, you can plan single days. We recommend that the parents together make a plan to Päikky about the total care time the child needs because, like in your case, the need is different on the mother’s and father’s weeks.

And because the invoice is sent to the child’s resident parent, there might be a situation where the resident parent would get a raised invoice when the total care time has not been sufficient considering the non-resident parent’s weeks.

Does the parent have a possibility to follow the daily realisation?
The parent can follow the hour accumulation of the whole calendar month on both mobile and browser.



Why was my invoice not reduced even though I had informed about a planned spare day?
A planned spare day does not affect the extent of the invoice because the early childhood education fee is a monthly fee and is charged in accordance to the fee decision. A planned absence affects the hour accumulation of the calendar month.

I have agreed on an approximate service of over 35 h / week, according to which my child can be in day care for more than 140 h per calendar month. What will happen to my invoice if my child’s presences exceed the hour number I have planned, for example I have planned 175 h and 176 h is transferred to the invoiced hours?
When the child’s service need has been agreed to be over 35 h / 140 h per calendar month, the fee decision already includes a 100 % fee. According to the act on client fees, the highest fee is 100 %, so the invoice will not change. The fee is family-specific.

Why do I need to plan my child’s care times even though I pay the maximum fee?
The Päikky launch is related to the Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care which was implemented on 1 March 2017, and according to the act, a child’s care requirements are no longer based on hours. Planning the care times is not based on the fee. The agreed service requirements of the child also affect the planning of the staff’s shifts, ordering the meals, and planning the activities done with the children.