Parliament of Children promotes participation

Influential Groups are a crucial component of participation in Turku. The city runs six official groups: Parliament of Children, Council of Immigrants, Council of Gender Equality, Council of Youth, Council of Elderly and Council of Disabled. The last three ones are statutory by law. The Turku-strategy is a guiding document for all groups.

In Turku, participation and community involvement has three main elements: communication, cooperation and interaction between citizens, city officials and decision-makers.

One of the most important roles of the Influential Groups is to act as experience experts of the group they represent. The Influential Groups make initiatives, give statements, organize seminars and follow-up decision-making. Their role is important in providing information of the current and future needs and concerns of their target group.

When following the meetings Parliament of Children it is very obvious they have very good sense of taking in consideration their fellows: when discussing how to involve and empower the shy and quiet pupils, they decided to establish in each school a box for “silent voices”.

All actions are guided by a true joy of working together.