Path of Light

The Path of Light 2022

Information: project manager Minna Heiniö


Welcome to experience the power and magic of light in the middle of the darkest season!

The Path of Light is a compilation of light artworks implemented by the City of Turku. It has been inspired by Turku itself: its stories, atmosphere and urban landscape. Be pleasantly surprised and experience familiar places in a new way.

The Path of Light 2022 started on the weekend of 3 to 6 December with a large light event. The event created a maritime atmosphere for its visitors. The spectacular works of light art were located near the River Aura. They drew on the maritime nature of the city and took advantage of the open landscape along the riverbed and views opening up from different directions.

Why will a light event take place even though we must save electricity?

The light event consumes relatively little electricity, but produces plenty of joy for a large crowd of people.

The estimated electricity consumption of the event is 2 MWh. As last year, we expect a large number of participants. If each event visitor turns off a 10-watt light for one hour in their home, it is enough to compensate for the energy consumption of the event.

So let’s turn off our lights and entertainment devices and head outdoors to enjoy the unique experiences that artists offer us in fresh outside air!

We use a number of measures to save electricity in the city. Tips for saving electricity are compiled on the following page: (in Finnish)