For groups

Guided tours

  • Reserve a tour from the museum’s ticket sales 022620280,
  • Price 70 € + entrance fee
  • Preferred maximum group size 20 people, but this can be negotiated if needed.
  • Duration ~1hour

NB. Groups with guides cannot enter the museum for the time being.

Groups can explore the museum independently or with a guide.

General tours in English

  • Due to Covid-19 guided tours are not arranged in the museum for the time being.

Bloodletting and noble life

What is stinking gum? Who needed arsenic? Who had to pay luxury tax? The Qwensel House is much more than a Pharmacy Museum. There is a part of the museum that is over 300 years old and houses an 18th century gentry’s apartment, once occupied by the famous professor of medicine Josef Pipping.

On our guided tour you will find out about 19th century pharmacy business and learn how the gentry lived in the late 18th century.

The tour can be tailored according to the customer’s wishes.

Christmas time

During Christmas time you can join our tour about 18th century holiday treats and customs.