For schools

Guided tours for schools

  • Price 39€/hour
  • Group size ~20 people
  • Entrance fee with a teacher 2€/student
  • Teachers, personal assistants and bus drivers get free admission.

Have your field trip in Turku!

Welcome to the 18th century and to the oldest wooden house in Turku. On our guided tour you will learn how the gentry lived almost 300 years ago. Who was Pipping, the master of the house?

The museum also houses a 19th century pharmacy. You will learn what pharmacies and medicines were like 150 years ago. What were leeches used for?

Schools in Turku

Pupils and students of comprehensive schools and upper secondary education in Turku, as well as the teachers entering with the groups get free admission (with the exception of May and June, when the pupil and student group fee (2€/pupil) is charged from all pupil and student groups). The prerequisite for pupil and student prices is that a teacher must act as the group leader. Teachers, personal assistants and bus drivers entering with the group get free admission.

NB: We do welcome pre-booked group visits even when the museum is closed in the spring and autumn.