Welcome to the museum!

The Qwensel House is the oldest remaining wooden building in Turku. The museum features a bourgeois home from the 18th century and a pharmacy from the 19th century under one roof. 
The entrance to the museum is in the courtyard, where you will find ticket sales and the museum shop.

The introductory exhibition will provide you with what you need to know before your visit to the museum. You can also explore the house with the help of a museum guide, guide book, audible guide or map.

The idyllic 18th century courtyard in the middle of the city is a relaxing spot in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. Cafe Qwensel offers old-style delicacies made on the premises.
In the summer, children can play in the children’s own pharmacy set up in the courtyard. You can escape holiday stress by stepping into the Qwensel House. Christmas at the museum is very festive.

Museum Shop

The museum shop can be found in connection with the ticket sales in the courtyard. The selection includes stylish items related to the content of the museum, literature and treats. The shop also stocks traditional apothecary’s salty liquorice and candied sugar!