The entrance to the museum can be found in the courtyard, which is accessible from Läntinen Rantakatu and Linnankatu.

The nearest parking spaces are located in the same block on Aurakatu and Linnankatu. You can drive into the parking area from Linnankatu. The nearest wheelchair-accessible parking space is located in the same parking area, close to the Aura River.

The accessibility of the Pharmacy Museum and the Qwensel House was improved in connection with the 2018 renovation. There are wheelchair ramps at the entrance to the museum and indoor thresholds in the exhibition, but the route inside the museum in the old wooden building is not completely accessible. Wheelchair access requires an assistant.

The museum restroom is accessible on one side with more room to the left of the toilet.

The customer service area of the museum is equipped with an induction loop for those with hearing aids.