Pilke päiväkodit Oy/ Vienola (Vienolanrinne 2)

Person responsible: 
Day Care Center Manager Katariina Saarinen


Pilke Vienola +358 44 733 8377

Opening hours

Mon - Fri 06:30 - 17:00
Postal address: 
Vienolanrinne 2
20210 Turku
Street address: 
Vienolanrinne 2
20210 Turku

Visiting address: 

Vienolanrinne 2
20210 Turku


Day Care

Yksityinen päiväkoti Vienolassa, palveluseteli

Private day care centre. If you want to apply for a place for your child in this day care centre, you should first directly contact the day care centre and then apply for a service voucher through the early childhood education e-services.

Service implementation: 

Service voucher services

Service producer: 

Päiväkoti Muksulanmäki/ Vienola

Responsible organisation: 

Turun kaupungin sivistystoimiala
Service available in: