Paattinen Community Centre

Instructions for sports facility users
Don’t use the sports facilities if you are ill. Remember to keep a safety distance of 1 to 2 metres. Please obey restrictions on number of persons. Please remember hand hygiene. Cough into your sleeve. Face masks are required in indoor sports facilities at all times except during the actual physical activity.
Thank you for helping to stop the spread of the disease.
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+358 2 262 3588

Exceptional opening hours

Swimming hall and gym are closed
3.12.2020 - 25.4.2021
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Paattistalonkatu 1
21330 Turku

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Paattistalonkatu 1
21330 Turku
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Entrance to the gym only with a loaded wristband. Buy the wristband from the Sports Services Centre Customer Service Point.

Entrance with the Kimmoke wristband Mon-Fri until 15.30.

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Self-produced services

Service producer: 

Sports Services Centre

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City of Turku
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Opening hours

Mon - Sun 06:00 - 21:00


Exercise Wristband / 10 entries
40 €
Senior Wristband / 6 mon
40 €
Kimmoke Wristband / 6 mon
39 €
Tyky Wristband