Protecting the Baltic Sea for a Brighter Future

Protection Fund for the Archipelago Sea – Funding Action for a Healthier Sea

The Protection Fund funds water protection projects on the Finnish Archipelago Sea and its catchment area. The Fund operates under the umbrella of the Centrum Balticum Foundation.

With the aim of stopping eutrophication and improving the quality of the Archipelago Sea’s water areas, project objectives include lessening the nutrient burden running into sea and raising water protection awareness.

Visit our website for more information on the ongoing projects and instructions on how you can participate!

The Baltic Sea Challenge – Networking Local Water Protection

The Baltic Sea Challenge is a joint initiative and network founded by the Cities of Turku and Helsinki to encourage local water protection and to support network members in their efforts for tangible water protection actions. It is free of charge and open to actors from all sectors and areas of expertise.

Upon joining, members commit to at least one action to improve the quality of their local waters. The BSC facilitates and supports members in carrying out their commitments. More than 220 actors in Finland and the Baltic Sea Region have already accepted the Challenge.