Schedule of Ordering and Picking Up Meals for City of Turku Basic Education Pupils in Quarantine and Distance Teaching

Updated 5.8.2021.

Meals for pupils in quarantine are ordered and picked up twice a week in accordance with the schedule below. The meals have been cooled down and they are intended for two or three days (main course and salad or dessert.) Meal components for each day have been marked with a date.

The same process is used for school meals of pupils in distance teaching and pupils ordered into quarantine. These meals have been intended for pupils in City of Turku basic education and they are free of charge. The name of pupil and their school must be provided at the time of registration. During registration, you can select the unit where you will pick up the meals (it does not have to be the pupil’s own school).

School meal portions for pupils in quarantine and distance teaching are similar to the normal school menu. The food is cooled down lunch food from the previous day. Mondays course is a ready made meal. Please note that changes to menu may occur. The meal portions are planned in accordance with recommendations of the National Nutrition Council of Finland and portioning varies by grade. If the pupil has a special diet, please include the details.

Ordering and picking up meals

    The ordering time of meals ends at noon 12 am on Tuesdays and Fridays. The idea is that pupils have their meal ready at home at lunch time and the meals to be picked up are intended for the following days. Please make a separate order for each pupil.

    If you start your school in a quarantine, you can order your meal for Wednesday on Tuesday August 10 and pick it up on Wednesday August 11.


    • Monday: picking up meals for Tuesdays and Wednesday (ordered on previous Friday).
    • Tuesday: ordering meals for Thursday, Friday and the following Monday.
    • Wednesday: picking uo meals for Thursday, Friday and the following Monday.
    • Friday: ordering meals for Tuesday and Wednesday.

    The meals can be picked up by a parent or another person. Please bring your own bag with you. Meals are picked up at the door of school kitchen (further instructions on the location of kitchen can be found here).